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Casting real people, real characters, and awesome faces

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For Over 30 years, Christopher Gray Casting, has been at the forefront of casting major Film and Television projects 

With offices and staff throughout the U.S.  Christopher Gray Casting is highly sought out by major studios, producers and directors for our diligent approach to real life casting.

Casting real people, real life characters, and awesome faces which tell you a life time story at a moments glance, is the artistry of Christopher Gray Casting. 

We provide diverse, uncommon, interesting and genuine beauty of real life characters that add creditable breath taking imagery on screen.


Getting On Camera

Being apart of our team is simple and easy. If you have ever wanted to be on camera this is the place to be.

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Lights, Camera, Action

From action to romance, and everything in between Christopher Gray Casting has left there casting mark. 

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From right in the heart of the film capital of LA, to down in the trenches of Brazil, and anywhere else you can imagine. Christopher Gray Casting is always located right were you need it to be.

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